Echoes is a speculative sensory exhibit that provides a transcending experience for those in search of a higher consciousness.

My entry point into this project was exploring braille as my object. Even though I initially was very intrigued in the form and function of braille, my interest began to shift towards the emotional and psychological experience of becoming blind. But since I myself have not experienced vision loss, I felt like it would be really pompous of me to tell others how it is to become blind. This dilemma prompted a shift in research and form of the project. I decided to make a sensory exhibition experience that focused on vulnerability to emotions like fear, anxiety through experiencing disorientating perceptions, oversaturation of colors, and projections onto reflective surfaces. This visually overwhelming experience makes the viewer trust their surrounding surroundings to help achieve self reflection and ultimately achieve a higher expanded consciousness. 

Due to lack of time and resources, I wanted to create a speculative exhibition. I was inspired by Archigram’s extensive speculative proposals and their ability to provide a thought provoking experience through documentation and presentation. To achieve an “realistic” experience, I created a mini exhibition model that had visual phases allowing the viewer to experience this disorienting transformation. I experimented with different types of projections onto reflective surfaces and tried to capture the results through photos and videos.